DR. Sanjoy Mukerji
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A Gold Medallist Psychologist and Relationship/Marriage Counsellor in Mumbai, India. He has also Specialized in Mind-Body Medicine.

He has studied and researched on happiness for more than 15 years; and thereafter developed SOHAM Happiness Program, which has received immense appreciation.

He has been honoured with many National and International Awards and Recognitions for his outstanding achievements and excellence in his field, and also for his distinguished Services to the Nation. Few of them are as follows:

  • Shining Image of India Award
  • Noble Son of India Award
  • Global Achievers Award
  • Mother Teresa Excellence Award
  • Excellence in Spiritual Psychotherapy

He has been interviewed on various TV channels (such as Star News, Live India, TV9, Care World, Jay Maharashtra, and many other channels); and covered by almost all major newspapers and magazines in India.

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