SOHAM Happiness Program



SOHAM Happiness Program is the most scientific program on happiness, which gives you the scientific basis of happiness, and also provides you with various methods to apply this science practically in your life.

For our Happiness Program, we have used the word “SOHAM” for two reasons, and they are as follows:

1) If you break the acronym “SOHAM” into its alphabets; then each alphabet stands for –

S – Science
O – Of
H – Happiness
A – And
M – Methods

2) As per Vedic/Vedantic philosophy, SOHAM means identifying oneself with the Universe or the Ultimate Reality. It’s a Sanskrit mantra, meaning “I am That.”

Besides the scientific basis of happiness, it also includes a sense of connection to something bigger than you. Hence, SOHAM Happiness Program is based on Modern Science and Ancient Spirituality.

SOHAM Happiness Program is presented as a Scientific, Spiritual and Experiential Workshop!

Topics of Program

You will get research-based knowledge regarding the following topics in the workshop:

  • Introduction to SOHAM Happiness Program
  • Why Happiness is so important
  • What exactly is Happiness
  • Science behind Happiness
  • Spirituality and Happiness
  • Scientific Formula for Happiness (developed by Dr. Sanjoy and his Team)
  • 5 Ps to bring about immediate Happiness
  • How to develop the most important P (Positivity or Positive Mental Attitude towards life) for sustained Happiness

You will learn and practice the following topics in the workshop:

  • Hypno-Meditation (HM) – originally and exclusively developed by Dr. Sanjoy Mukerji
  • Forgiving and letting go of the past
  • Accepting,  being grateful, and having fun in the present
  • Having faith and being positive about the future
  • Developing self-esteem and self-confidence

You will also get the following tips in the workshop:

  • How to incorporate, what you have learnt in the workshop, in your daily life
  • How to balance your work and life
  • How to manage stress in your personal and professional life
  • How to maintain harmonious relationships in your personal and professional life
  • How to achieve success in your work
  • How to attain near perfect health
  • Exercise